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The following items are issues you might encounter:
There are symbols in the OMS screen, but all the prices are zero. The symbols appear in the OMS screen from a “scenario” level and request data on the Service and Market ID specified in the symbol set event files. The symbols appear in the Dashboard as a result of a request for data. If the end system (simulator monitor, IAF and service monitors) are not loaded or functioning correctly then all values will be zero as no price updates are being received. If the back end system has been verified as functioning correctly ensure that the service and market values defined in the symbols set EVT files are specified correctly.
Orders have been submitted but they do not reach the market. Orders appear in the blotter as the result of the OMS screen or an other scenario issuing a request to submit an order. The blotter table intercepts these requests and presents them on-screen. Thus, a request to submit an order is presented; but if that order does not reach the market then no updates will be received and thus no updates will be visible. This is possibly due to an incorrectly configured IAF/Service Monitor or incorrect values entered in the Symbol Set EVT definition files.
Symbol Set attributes are not returning values. Move the Symbol Attributes SmartBlock to the bottom of the column in the Scenario Manager, click Deploy, and then restart the Algorithmic Trading server.
Marketdata and OMS data needs to go through a firewall or other CMF boundaries. All marketdata events (such as Depth, SubscribeDepth, Tick) that have the service-Id : __SimpleMarketDataFirewallGatewayExternal and all OMS events (such as NewOrder, AmendOrder) that have the service-id: __ObjectionBasedFirewallControllerExternal go through the firewall and other CMF gateway boundaries. Once the CMF services have dealt with these events, they replace the event’s service Id with the value given in the extraParameter: Firewall.TargetService and route the modified event.
Replay logs. The project.properties file at the root of apama-work\ATA_{version} is set to input to minimize the logs that can accrue while exploring sample data . When directed by support to produce a replay log, modify the properties file as follows:
# =========================================
# Replay logging mode. Log is in the ${apama.work}/logs folder
To learn more about replay logs, see Deploying and Managing Apama Applications in the Apama documentation.
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