IUCV Line Driver Overview

This document provides information for administrators responsible for configuring and running the Entire Net-Work IUCV line driver once Entire Net-Work is installed.


  1. IUCV is not supported on the z/OS platform.
  2. Entire Net-Work 6.3 SP1 requires that zap WD631001 be installed in z/VSE environments. This zap is needed to successfully complete the NETSIP, which in turn is needed for IUCV to run properly.

The IUCV line driver documentation is organized as follows:

Defining Virtual Machines Describes defining virtual machines for Entire Net-Work.
Authorizing Virtual Machines for IUCV Describes how to authorize virtual machines for IUCV.
Guest Operating System Support Describes how z/VSE guest operating systems can gain access to IUCV.
Installing the IUCV Line Driver in a z/VSE Environment Describes how to install the IUCV line driver in a z/VSE environment.
Factors Affecting Compatibility and Performance Describes factors that affect the compatibility and performance of the IUCV line driver.
Defining the IUCV Line Driver Explains how to define the IUCV line driver
IUCV DRIVER Statement Describes the syntax and parameters of the IUCV DRIVER statement.
IUCV LINK Statement Describes the syntax and parameters of the IUCV LINK statement.
IUCV Operator Commands Describes the operator commands available for the IUCV line driver.
IUCV Statistics Describes the IUCV line driver statistics.