Entire Net-Work Administration LUW Concepts

Entire Net-Work Administration LUW is the product component that provides the System Management Hub (SMH) as well as the SMH agents necessary to perform Entire Net-Work, Entire Net-Work Client, Adabas Directory Server, and Adabas Administration Services management tasks.

The System Management Hub (SMH) provides centralized management of all Software AG products installed in the enterprise, using a Web-based graphical user interface. Use of SMH eliminates the need for a system administrator to visit individual machines or maintain multiple product windows on the desktop. Only one SMH system should be defined for your enterprise.

SMH can be used to manipulate configuration information. Using SMH, you can easily change the URLs stored in the Directory Server without fully understanding the syntax. In addition, the Entire Net-Work Servers and Entire Net-Work Clients can be examined and controlled via SMH. The status of classic nodes and databases for which connections have been defined can be determined. Statistics can be examined and various control functions, such as node disconnection, Kernel shutdown, and trace settings can be performed.

SMH should be on a dedicated system that is operational 24 hours a day. If an SMH is not available, you cannot maintain and control Entire Net-Work, Entire Net-Work Client, Adabas Directory Server, or Adabas Administration Services.

If SMH is not installed in your enterprise, it will be installed when you install Entire Net-Work Administration LUW.

If SMH is already installed in your enterprise, it should not be installed again. Only one SMH is required to manage all Software AG products that require it. However, you should run the installation for Entire Net-Work Administration LUW on the machine on which SMH is installed to ensure that the appropriate product agents required for SMH are installed.

For more information about the management tasks that can be performed using Entire Net-Work Administration LUW, read the remaining chapters of this guide.