Applying Maintenance

Be sure that you apply all supplied Adabas Review maintenance and concatenate Adabas Review patch-level libraries (L00n), as they are delivered to you. This will ensure that your Adabas Review code remains up-to-date, supporting all Adabas Review features as they are enhanced and maintained.

In general, corrections for Adabas Review can be applied and made active one component at a time.

  • Adabas Review zaps should be applied to the Review load library.

  • Adabas Server specifically for Review should be applied to the Adabas load library.

  • Natural INPLs (cumulative fixes or hotfixes ) for Adabas Review under Natural .

The latest corrections (zaps and Natural INPL) for this product are available in the Knowledge Center of the Software AG Empower web site:

Finally, the distributed source library contains member ZAPOPT , which lists zaps that may be applied for the activation or deactivation of various features of Adabas Review. A ZAPOPT member will be included with each SP level distribution.

Software AG recommends that you keep its software products as current as possible and apply all known corrections. Software AG strongly recommends that you read in the solution all installation instructions thoroughly, comply with all documented prerequisites, and keep track of all corrections that are applied. Applying only a subset of unrelated corrections can cause errors difficult to diagnose.

Applying Zaps in z/OS Environments

Use the z/OS AMASPZAP utility to apply zaps in the respective operating system; this method verifies (VER) and replaces (REP) data. The following sample JCL executes AMASPZAP:

(zap control statements)

—where the following are examples of zap control statements:

NAME membername csectname
VER displacement data
REP displacement data
IDRDATA (up to eight bytes of user data)
* (comment)

In VER and REP statements, spaces must be used to separate command, displacement, and data. Commas are acceptable data separators; however, commas with spaces or spaces alone are not, and may cause errors.