Running Autostarted Reports

Adabas Review reports can be started automatically when the system starts. In local mode, the database initializes the Adabas Review system; in hub mode it runs as a separate server.

To start reports automatically, they must be defined with the AUTOSTART set to "Y". When the report is saved it automatically updates the data sets identified by the RVUAUT1 and RVUAUT2 job control statements. Then, when Adabas Review is started the next time, the reports will be started automatically.

The syntax of autostart report definitions is the same as that used for Adabas Review reports that run as batch jobs. Adabas Review session parameters can also be defined in the RVUAUT1/RVUAUT2 data sets, as described in the INPUT statement.

For more information about autostarted reports, read Autostarted Reports.