Software AG Product Support and Requirements

For more information about Adabas installation and prerequisites, read the various Adabas installation documents and the Adabas Operations Manual documentation.

Adabas and Adabas Review Version Compatibility

This version of Adabas Review is compatible with all supported versions of Adabas.

Adabas Review Online (SYSREVDB) and Adabas Review Processor Compatibility

The following table lists the compatibility between the Natural administration application SYSREVDB and the Review processor which is either the Hub server or, in local mode, the Adabas Review processor running under the Adabas server. If the fixes are not applied, major problems with AUTOSTARTED reports might occur.

SYSREVDB Review processor (Hub or local) Status
4.7 SP2 or lower 4.8 SP1 Not compatible.
4.7 SP3 4.8 SP1 Compatible with SYSREVDB hotfix REV473X37.
4.8 SP1 4.7 SP3 Compatible with zap RD473059.
4.8 SP1 4.7 SP2 or lower Not compatible.

Adabas Review Zap Requirements

All released Adabas Review zaps should be applied to the executables before completing installation.

The following table lists the Adabas zaps you must have applied to use the new features of this version of Adabas Review with different versions of Adabas:

Adabas Release Required Adabas Zaps
8.2 SP6 AN826111, AN826081
8.3 SP1 AN831057, AN831024, AN831065
8.3 SP2 AN832005, AN832003
8.3 SP3 AN833004

Natural Version Requirements

This version of Adabas Review requires Natural version 8.2 SP5 or above.

SYSREVDB calls the AOS module AOSASM for some functions, e.g. cluster environments. AOSASM is delivered with Adabas. Make sure that the version of AOSASM used by Natural matches the used Adabas version.

The CH (compress history) function requires Natural zap NA97005. It is recommended to apply all available Natural zaps.

Adabas Cluster and Parallel Services Requirements

This version of Adabas Review is compatible with all supported versions of Adabas Cluster Services and Adabas Parallel Services.

TP Monitor Support

This version of Adabas Review supports the following TP monitors:

  • Com-plete

  • CICS

  • IMS/DC

  • TSO