To edit the Adabas server startup procedure in UNIX

  1. On your CONNX administrator computer, start a terminal emulator, and log on to UNIX.

  2. Select the desired Adabas UNIX server, and type the appropriate user name and password.

  3. Use your favorite UNIX editor (Emacs, for example) to create a shell script from the following text:

 # begin CONNX startup script
CNXDIR=path to CONNX Adabas server
export CNXDIR
case "$1" in
   sh $CNXDIR/connxserver START [port number]
   sh $CNXDIR/connxserver STOP [port number]
   sh $CNXDIR/connxserver START [port number]
#end CONNX startup script

where [port number] is optional. The default is 6500.

  1. Save the document in the appropriate UNIX flavor. The following table contains example file names:

UNIX Flavor

File Name














If you do not have rc#.d directories, where # is the run level number and generally 2 for multi-user, then you can put the following lines toward the bottom of the /etc/rc script. For example:

CNXDIR=path to CONNX Adabas server

export CNXDIR

sh$CNXDIR/connxserver START [port number]



If an example of the file name to use for your UNIX flavor does not appear in the above table, contact CONNX Technical Support for details.  

The CONNX Adabas server automatically starts when you restart the system. To verify that it has started, type the following UNIX command after a command prompt in your UNIX system:

 ps -ef|grep cnxrun
  1. Check the log file in the CNXDIR directory to verify the start procedure.

Note: Since the startup procedures vary between operating systems as well as UNIX flavors, the above examples should be used as a rough guide. Consult your operating system's system administration guide for the exact location of startup scripts and directories. You should be logged in as root to complete the script configuration and set the proper permissions on the script.

Note: All UNIX instructions must be entered as lowercase characters.