Running Multiple Versions of CONNX on an OpenVMS Server

Multiple versions of CONNX can be run on an OpenVMS server platform. When installing a new version of CONNX, install the CONNX Client, CONNX Administrator, OpenVMS Server Components, along with the Help and Samples files on the Windows client machine. When the installation is nearing completion, you are prompted to install the CONNX OpenVMS component on an OpenVMS server.



CONNX connections are made in two steps:

The initial connection is made from the CONNX client to the CONNX listener. CNXRUN##_MAIN is the CONNX listener process. In this step, the CONNX listener starts up the appropriate version of the CONNX server, matching the CONNX client version to the CONNX server version.

All subsequent communication occurs directly between the newly started CONNX process and the CONNX client.


Note: The CNXRUN##_MAIN listener is only able to start up older client versions if the logicals and .exe files of the appropriate versions are available.



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image\CHICLET.gif CONNX Installation Procedure

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