Prerequisites - Mainframe

Adabas SQL Gateway (CONNX for Adabas) requires that:

  • The Adabas database product be installed.

  • The target system be set up to support TCP/IP communications (OE stack).

  • The TCP/IP started task must be running.

  • Read/write FTP access be configured and available on the target system for at least one TSO user ID for installation only.

  • OSS segment must be defined for the user ID in a security system (RACF / ACF2 / Top Secret) or it must be available by default.

CONNX for Adabas is a reentrant application which executes as a started task or a batch job. During installation, the CONNX Adabas server program must be linked with the reentrant version of the Adabas batch/TSO link routine (ADALNKR).  Please see the appropriate Adabas documentation for more information on ADALNKR.

Before submitting the CONNX installation job, please check with your systems programmer or Adabas administrator to ensure that the ADALNKR load module exists in a load library which can be link-edited with the CONNX for Adabas object code.

See CONNX System Requirements for a more detailed listing.