Completing CONNX Installation for UNIX JDBC Servers

 This contains the UNIX installation systems with for JDBC servers. The installation started in CONNX Installation Procedure - UNIX.

  1. If necessary, edit the UNIX JDBC server startup procedure.

  2. The default JDBC port is 7500. If necessary, use the CONNX SQL Registry to change CONNX.JDBC.PORT from 7500 to the correct port number:

    1. At the command prompt, enter ./sqlregistry

    2. Select option 2 to create a registry key and value

    3. Enter CONNX.JDBC.PORT

    4. Select option 0 for an integer value

    5. Enter the correct port number

    6. Enter 5 to exit the the /sqlregistry program

  3. Create the UNIX JDBC DSNs

    1. At the command prompt, enter ./createJDBCDSN

    2. At the command prompt, use the format <DSN> <CDD> [comment] where

      • DSN = top level name of the CONNX JDBC data source name

      • CDD = the fully qualified path to the CONNX CDD. The CDD must be located on a UNIX system.

  4. Start the UNIX JDBC Server. If the installation is successful, a JDBC server started successfully message appears.