To build Desktop Sybase sample database tables

The CONNX Desktop Sybase module enables access to Informix database objects through the Sybase driver. See the section on the CONNX and Sybase Module in the CONNX User Reference Guide, which is available online, on the CONNX CD-ROM, and within the CONNX product, for more information on the text boxes required to import Sybase database tables.

For multiple client connections to Sybase via ODBC through a single CONNX Data Dictionary, either the SQL Server data source name must be a file-based DSN and installed on a shared network server, or the same DSN must be configured on each client computer accessing the sample database tables.

  1. During installation, click Yes to install sample database tables, or click the Start button, and then point to All Programs. Point to CONNX Sample Databases, and then click Build Sybase Sample Data. Select the ODBC Provider option under Logon Information in the Sybase Sample Database Logon dialog box.


  2. Click the Select DSN button. The Select ODBC DSN dialog box appears. Select a DSN for the data source in which the sample tables are to be entered.


  3. Click the OK button. The Sybase Sample Database Logon dialog box appears. Type a user name and password for the ODBC provider.

  4. Click the OK button. The samples are installed in the selected data source table and appear in the CONNX Data Dictionary Manager window.

Note: Sybase catalogs are not supported by the CONNX Desktop Sybase module.