General Information for Installation

This step assumes you have completed Step 1.

The CONNX Setup program installs CONNX Administrator components (the CONNX Data Dictionary), the CONNX client components (the CONNX ODBC driver and OLE server for Windows installations), the OpenVMS server components (for RMS, Rdb, and DBMS databases), CONNX sample databases, the CONNX Enterprise Server Service, and CONNXStore on a client computer (see the CONNX User Reference Guide for more information on the CONNX Enterprise Server Service and CONNXStore [PostgreSQL]).

Installation of the OpenVMS server components places the data server files required for Rdb, DBMS, and RMS database connections on your computer. The files are then transferred by a network connection to their respective VAXServer or AlphaServer locations. The transfer of files to the VAXServer and AlphaServer is discussed in detail in Step 4 - Install CONNX OpenVMS Server.

The administrator components enable the creation and modification of CONNX Data Dictionary (CDD) files, which store and maintain database table definitions. The administrator components are a Microsoft Windows-based program and must be installed on at least one network machine running a Windows operating system.

A CONNX license file is required for installation of the administrator components. The license file gives a site administrator control over which users can install the administrator component.

Note: Although the administrator components can be installed on several computers, the CDD files should be placed in a single shared network server location. This enables a complete listing of CDD files created by the administrators to be made available to more than one user.