CONNX is a unique client/server connectivity programming toolset that makes it possible to use computers in real-time interactive operation with many databases. The CONNX data access engine is unique in that it not only provides access to the databases, but it presents them as one enterprise-spanning relational data source. CONNX also offers additional security, metadata management, enhanced SQL capability, views, heterogeneous joins, bidirectional data conversion, and enables read/write access to the data.

Such technology can be used in data warehousing, data integration, application integration, e-commerce, data migration, and for reporting purposes. The technology also has a place within companies seeking to make use of disparate data sources, that need to web-enable their data, or that have older applications storing mission-critical information.

CONNX includes the following components:

  • CONNX Data Dictionary (CDD)

  • CONNX ODBC Driver

  • CONNX Unix ODBC Driver

  • CONNX OLE RPC Server (Not implemented for CONNX and VSAM)

  • CONNX Host Data Server (RMS, VSAM (Implemented as CICS/C++ TCP/IP Listener/Server), C-ISAM, DISAM, Micro Focus, Rdb, and DBMS)

  • CONNX JDBC Driver (Thin Client)

  • CONNX JDBC Server

  • CONNX JDBC Router

CONNX supports the following host database platforms:



Operating Systems

Digital RMS, Oracle Rdb, Codasyl DBMS

OpenVMS/VAX, OpenVMS/Alpha, OpenVMS/Itanium (RMS only)

Oracle Databases

Unix, Windows, OpenVMS/VAX, Linux


Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux


Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux


See System Requirements table for detailed information.

SQL Server



Windows, Unix


Windows, Unix

OLE DB/ODBC-compliant databases

Platforms supported by data source

JDBC-compliant databases

Platforms supported by data source

Adabas, as a product also known as the Adabas SQL Gateway

IBM z/OS,  Windows, Unix platforms, including HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Linux


See System Requirements table for detailed information.


HPUX, SCO, Solaris, AIX, Linux 7.2 (Unix)


HPUX, SCO, Solaris, AIX, Linux 7.2 (Unix)

Micro Focus

HPUX, Solaris, AIX, Linux 7.2 (Unix)


See System Requirements table for detailed information.


Solaris, Linux 7.2 (Unix), Windows

*References to VAX in this manual also apply to the Compaq Alpha.

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