Release Notes for Adabas SQL Gateway Version 13.0 SP1

This section provides information on changes and enhancements in this version.

General Information Provides information you should know before you install and use Adabas SQL Gateway.
New Features An overview of the new features provided with this version.

General Information

This part of the documentation provides information you should be aware of before you install and use the Adabas SQL Gateway.

Platform Coverage

Please refer to the document Release Notes for CONNX SQL Engine, section Supported Platforms, Availability of CONNX Product Features for information describing the platforms on which the various components can be installed.

Space Requirements

The installation procedure requires approximately 10 MB disk space in the temporary directory (TEMP). The product space requirements are documented in the Adabas SQL Gateway installation manual.

Adabas Requirements

The following Adabas product versions are supported:

  • Open Systems: Adabas 6.1 SP4 or higher (later versions)

  • Mainframe: Adabas 8.1 SP4 or higher (later versions) .

Product Installation

The Adabas SQL Gateway product installation is now available in the Software Download Center (SDC) in Empower: (login required). Please consult the file INSTALL.TXT contained in the download file for further details on installation issues.

New Features

For a complete list of new features available with this release please see the CONNX 13.0 SP1 Release Notes.