At normal database termination, the statistics gathered during AVILOOK processing are written to the database job log.

The following screen is an example of the output provided by AVILOOK.

16:56:07 ***** A D A B A S  VISTA SERVICES 8.2.1 *****                2006-05-29
                   - Avilook File Statistics -                         V14120M1

   DBID: 231   (TEST-V8-DB)
   File: 2                                          Started: 2006-05-29 09:09:20

       CC    Desc    Command Count                  CC    Desc    Command Count
       L3     AA              2836
       S1     AB              1324
       L3     BC                24
       L9     S1                26

  Other Commands not listed above: 1558

  Command ==>
       Help        Exit  Refr                                            Menu

This screen shows statistics on the command type and quantity of key-based accesses against the file (for example, S1, L3, and L9 commands). The statistics are displayed in descending order by command code (CC) and Adabas two-character field name (Desc).

In the example, there are 2836 accesses to file 2 using an L3 command with the Adabas field AA as the primary sequence field. Such a file, where the predominant access is by a single key, may benefit from being partitioned using the Adabas field AA as the Adabas Vista partitioning field.