Adabas Vista Tools

This section describes the tools provided with Adabas Vista.

File Analysis (AVILOOK)

The Adabas Vista file analysis tool AVILOOK provides statistics on the type and quantity of key-based accesses against an Adabas file. These statistics can be used to identify the Adabas files that may benefit from the Adabas Vista partitioning option.

The following screen is an example of the output provided by AVILOOK.

 16:56:07      ***** A D A B A S   VISTA SERVICES 8.1.1 *****        2006-05-29
                         -  Avilook File Statistics  -                V14120M1

   DBID: 231   (TEST-V7-DB)
   File: 2                                          Started: 2006-05-29 09:09:20

       CC    Desc    Command Count          CC    Desc    Command Count
       L3     AA              2836
       S1     AB              1324
       L3     BC                24
       L9     S1                26

  Other Commands not listed above: 1558

  Command ==>
       Help        Exit  Refr                                            Menu

This screen shows statistics on the command type and quantity of key-based accesses against the file (for example, S1, L3, and L9 commands). The statistics are displayed in descending order by command code (CC) and Adabas two-character field name (Desc).

In the example, there are 2836 accesses to file 2 using an L3 command with the Adabas field AA as the primary sequence field. Such a file, where the predominant access is by a single key, may benefit from being partitioned using the Adabas field AA as the Adabas Vista partitioning field.

For more information, see section Using AVILOOK.

Online Services (SYSAVI)

Adabas Vista Online Services (SYSAVI) provides a wide variety of online operational and administrative services.

The following services are provided:

Option Description
System Settings Maintain Adabas Vista configuration file setting.
Maintenance Maintain Adabas Vista definitions and parameters.
Current Activity Displays Display the activity of the current session.
Special Services Provide installation and applied zap information for the Adabas Vista components.
AVILOOK File analysis tool.

For more information, see section Adabas Vista Online Services.