User Abend Codes

The decimal abend (abnormal end) codes described in this document occur in ADAInn, ADARUN, and in some utility messages or during replication or transaction manager processing. The message ADAM99 presents both system and nucleus STAE abend codes in hexadecimal; in this case, a nucleus abend code must first be changed to decimal before the description can be located here.

Most abend codes (except 20) result from errors that normally require assistance from your Adabas support technical representative. If abend codes 23 or 24 occur, save the Work data set. For all abend codes, save any dumps and note any messages or other indications that the system issues. Advise your Adabas technical support representative of the error.

Entire Net-Work issues only the abend code 253 to indicate an abnormal termination occurred. The abend (abnormal end) codes described in this document are issued primarily by Adabas modules operating with Entire Net-Work. Specific information related to an error is given in the messages written to the print data set.

Code Module Explanation
15 (nucleus) Workpool too small to execute session autorestart.
16 (nucleus) DTP=RM: Two-phase commit logic error.
17 (nucleus) DTP=RM: Work-part-4 overflow.
19 (nucleus) DTP=RM: Two-phase commit logic error.
20 (nucleus) Error during system startup (refer to descriptions of nucleus startup errors in Adabas Messages and Codes).
21 (nucleus) I/O error during asynchronous buffer flush (Asso/Data/Work/PLOG).
22 (nucleus) I/O error on sequential PLOG and PLOGRQ=YES/FORCE in effect.
23 (nucleus) WORK overflow.
24 (nucleus) Autostart canceled - protection area inconsistent.
25 (nucleus) Logical I/O error: Adabas was unable to track one or more I/O operations).
26 (nucleus) Adabas session canceled by operator command.
27 (nucleus) Session ended due to work pool space problems.
28 (nucleus) Nucleus problem during an asynchronous buffer flush.
29 (nucleus) Adabas Transaction Manager (ATM) initialization failed. Review the console messages for further information about the error.
30 (nucleus) Adabas Transaction Manager (ATM) interface error.
31 (nucleus) Insufficient workpool space for only active command.
32 (nucleus) Internal error processing search algorithm 3 command.
33 (nucleus) Logic error during file number validation.
33 ADARAC Recovery Aid logic error.
34 utilities Abnormal termination with dump.
35 utilities Abnormal termination without dump.
36 utilities I/O error occurred while writing to DDDRUCK or DDPRINT. Check JCL.
37 (nucleus) ET post logic error.
38 (nucleus) Unexpected response code for internal command.
39 (nucleus) Fatal internal response code occurred during asynchronous buffer flush.
40 (nucleus) Getmain failure early during session start.
40 ADACOM Fatal error during ADACOM processing (cluster environments).
41 ADADSFN Fatal error during Delta Save Facility processing.
42 (nucleus) A security violation occurred at startup.
43 (nucleus) Logic error in command selection (freeze table).
44 (nucleus) Logic error in an FST write or an online process.
45 (nucleus) Logic error in asynchronous buffer flush by volume (with ASYTVS=YES)
46 (nucleus) Logic error in the buffer pool manager.
47 (nucleus) Logic error in thread management
48 (nucleus) Logic error in ADANCX (cluster environments).
49 (nucleus) General internal error (various reasons)
50 (nucleus) Logic error in SRB code (Adabas Cluster Services)
51 (nucleus) Logic error in dynamic Work access
52 (nucleus) STCK clock not running
53 (nucleus) Logic error in global hold queue element lock handling
54 (nucleus) Logic error in global file lock handling
55 ADACLU Fatal error during ADACLU processing (cluster environments).
56 (nucleus) Logic error in ET synchronization process
57 (nucleus) Unexpected error during online recovery
58 (nucleus) Error in protection record bookkeeping
59 (nucleus) Logic error during large object (LB) processing
60 (nucleus) Unique descriptor update logic error
61 (nucleus) Logic error in system field update
65 (replication) Fatal error related to replication processing.
66 (replication) Logic error in initial-state processing
67 (replication) Logic error in SLOG handling
70 (nucleus) Parallel Services nucleus canceled by peer nucleus
71 (nucleus) Logic error or bad data in protection data area extension on Work data set
72 (nucleus) Logic error in protection data publishing
79 (nucleus) Uncorrectable intracluster communication failure
80 (nucleus) Logic error in update tracking
82 (nucleus) Logic error in file activity bookkeeping
83 (nucleus) Logic error in extended MU/PE handling
84 (nucleus) Logic error in spanned record handling
85 (nucleus) Logic error in spanned record read-lock handling
86 (nucleus) Logic error in Adabas Fastpath multifetch processing
87 (nucleus) Logic error in multiple buffers
89 (nucleus) Logic error during global update command synchronization
90 (nucleus) Logic error when updating a compressed record
91 (nucleus) Internal error
92 (nucleus) Logic error during increase of an address converter extent
93 (nucleus) Logic error when processing an online function
94 (nucleus) Logic error in special descriptor decompression
95 (nucleus) Logic error during AAD,AA handling
96 (nucleus) Logic error in command selection
108 ADATRA Failure to load and install the trace module
109 ADAZIP Fatal error related to the execution of Adabas code on a System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)
220 MPMVSE FREEVIS problem
221 MPMVSE Invalid operating system
222 MPMVSE Invalid function
227 MPMBS2 Wrong ADARER module found
228 MPMBS2 STXIT not successfully installed
229 MPMBS2 Invalid function in dependent MPM call
231 MPMBS2 The command queue referenced in the ID table does not match the target ID in the call
232 MPMBS2 The ID table is being referenced but the MPM has a zero (0) address
233 MPMBS2 Adabas canceled in BOURSE WAIT (see the ADAM82 message description in Adabas Messages and Codes).
234 MPMBS2 Enqueue to IDT failed (BS2000)
235 MPMBS2 Unable to acquire memory for MPM client table UTAB (BS2000)
245 MPMMVS Error locating ADAIOR in ESTAE recovery routine
246 RAOSSYDI (Adabas Review) An error occurred when writing a message to the console (WTO).
247 MPMMVS Unsuccessful STAE
248 MPMMVS or MPMF4 Invalid operating system or RMODE; for MPMF4, invalid operating system or RMODE; or CID GETMAIN failed The operating system check did not recognize a "known" operating system. The known system is z/OS. For z/OS: if the nucleus is running AMODE 31, then RMODE 24 was not set for at least one Adabas module other than ADALNK.
249 MPMMVS Invalid function
251 ADARST Unrecoverable abend of the Adabas Review subtask ADARST. See the ADAM90 message description.
252 IORSUB Unrecoverable subtask abend. See the ADAM90 message description.
253 MPMIND Nonrecoverable abend (caused by STAE/STXIT processing program check or nucleus abend) See the ADAM99 message description in Adabas Messages and Codes.
254 MPMIND Invalid function in abnormal termination
Recovery exit
255 MPMIND Invalid function
257 MPMVSE Return code on 24-call from FREEVIS
435 ADASIP The subsystem name specified is already being used by another ADABAS SVC. Select another subsystem name and rerun the job.
454 SVCVSE SVC 04-call buffer address error
455 SVCVSE SVC 16-call buffer address error
456 SVCVSE SVC work area allocation error
470 SIPMVS SVCMVS load error
471 SIPMVS Incorrect SVCMVS
472 SIPMVS SSCT disappeared
473 SIPMVS ADASIR non-zero return code
474 SIPMVS SVC table entry changed
475 SIPMVS SSCT already exists
476 LNKBS2 Request for user buffer memory in ADALNK failed
477 SIPMVS Incorrect ADASIR
478 SIPMVS ADASIR load error
479 SIPMVS ADASIR or ADASVC were not found in the load libraries provided to the ADASIP job
480 SIPMVS Open error
482 SIPMVS SIPMVS not authorized
485 LNKBS2 Unsupported function
486 SVCMVS Invalid PCR04 call
487 SVCMVS Caller specified an unknown or invalid target. This is possibly caused by restarting an already active target using FORCE=YES.
488 SVCMVS Invalid PCR16 call
489 SVCMVS Invalid 48-call parameters
490 MPMBS2 Target ID table may only be changed by a communicator
491 SVCMVS SVC 12-call without 16-call required
492 SVCMVS Active dormant LX
493 SVCMVS Invalid 00-call parameters
494 SVCMVS Caller not authorized
497 SVCMVS Invalid function
498 LNKBTO Invalid UB
499 LNKBTO Length of user info less than zero
500 LNKBS2 Error in link initialization routine
501 LNKBTO Incorrect router version
502 LNKBTO User exit before-call increased length of user info
509 IORMVS DEB error
513 SVCVSE Invalid SVC-08 call
516 IORIND RWINT error
517 IORIND RWINT Cache Fast Write request error
519 IORIND UPELE error
539 IORSUB FVSE error
540 IORSUB FVST error
545 IORMVS BCP storage error
547 IORMVS Initialization error
548 IORMVS BCP error
549 IORMVS DLECB error
550 IORMVS QEDIT (block) error
551 IORMVS CHKIO error
559 IORMVS Incorrect SVC version
560 IORMVS Maximum blocks/track > minimum, I/O error, global sequential BLKSIZE too big, or invalid number (ECBS)
563 IORBS2 Invalid TDCE found during ADAIOR INIT
564 IORBS2 Failure to load ADAIOI or AT when trying to enable EVENT NAME
565 IORBS2 ECB list overflow
566 IORBS2 Invalid SOLSIG return code
567 IORBS2 Cannot load ADAONR
568 IORBS2 BCP error
569 IORBS2 WTOR error
570 IORBS2 CHKIO error
571 IORBS2 Invalid ECB type
572 IORBS2 Invalid event checksum
573 IORBS2 SOLSIG RC operator commands/EOC
574 IORBS2 No multiple RSOFEI postcode mem
577 LNKCX User exit before-call increased length of USER INFO
578 IORVSE CHKIO error
579 LNKCX Error in link initialization routine
580 LNKCX Length of user info less than 0 (greater than 32K)
581 LNKCX Incorrect router version
582 LNKCX Invalid UB
584 LNKCX Unsupported function
593 IORVSE IVST error
594 USRBTO Invalid RMODE
598 IORMVS ADECB error
599 IORVSE ADECB error
600 IORVSE DLECB error
601 IORVSE SUBSID error, invalid version, or ADAIOI could not be loaded
602 IORVSE CKTDC error
603 IORVSE Global sequential block size too big or invalid number (ECBS)
605 IORVSE Invalid printer device
606 LNKBS2 Unsupported ADALNK function code
607 LNKBS2 UB flags in ADALNK asynchronous call incorrectly set
608 LNKBS2 Length of user info less than 0 (greater than 32K)
609 LNKBS2 Unable to acquire ID table common memory
610 LNKBS2 User information length at ADALNK before-call too small
611 LNKBS2 WAIT error
612 RERBS2 IDT (identification table) common memory not accessible in router
613 RERBS2 Invalid router function code
614 SVCVSE Invalid function via caller
615 SVCVSE No IDT (identification table)
616 SVCVSE Invalid 00-call parameters
617 SVCVSE Invalid 40-caller
618 SVCVSE Caller specified an unknown or invalid target. This is possibly caused by restarting an already active target using FORCE=YES.
619 LNKxx Invalid SVC number in link routine
SVCVSE Power job error in SVC
620 IORIND IOR fatal error
622 LNKxx Invalid SAVE area in UB (LUEXIT1). SAVE area (USERSAV) in the Adabas link routine was less than 72 bytes and user exit 1/2 (B/A in Adabas 7) was invoked.
627 IORVSE 64-bit I/O not supported for dev
628 IORVSE GETMAIN error during startup
629 IORVSE ADAOPTD could not be found, or could not be loaded into storage
631 IORVSE GETVIS failed for sequential file table
632 IORVSE No more slots in sequential file table
633 IORVSE Internal error file name not found
634 IORVSE Return code from LABEL macro greater than 4
635 IORVSE PFIX/PFREE issued from dynamic partition
639 LNKCX A CICS GETMAIN request failed.
640 LNKBS2 No memory available for BS2000 LNK anchor block
640 ADALNK No memory available for LNK anchor block (BS2000)
641 LNKBS2 The SM6 ADALNK detected a router at 5.2 SP5 level or lower. The ID Table must be initialized with an Adabas nucleus at level 5.2 SP6 or higher.
642 LNKBS2 The ADALNK cannot read the DDLNKPAR parameter file; the file may be empty, or it may be an ISAM file. Use a SAM/V data set that was created by EDT.
643 LNKBS2 The ADALNK detected a syntax error in the DDLNKPAR parameters. Correct the syntax and rerun.
645 LNKCX The CICS macro level interface is not supported for CICS/ESA 3.2 and above.
646 IORBS2 Cannot read the SYSDTA data set; see the message ADAI56 description.
647 LNKBTO Invalid reentrant work area address
648 LNKIX1 Invalid AIBTDLI entry address
649 LNKCX CICS TWA not present or too short
652 LNKBS2 Invalid PAL
653 LNKCX Attempted double wait on UB element
654 ADALNK ADALNK: unsupported operating system version, unsupported HSI. Adabas version 6.1 and above requires BS2000 version 10 and above and XS31 hardware.
655 ADALNK Incompatible versions of ADALNK and ADAL2P. Check library assignments; check TSOSLNK/BINDER protocols. See message ADAK09.
656 ADALNI An internal error occurred when the IMS link routine could find the proper IMS structures to properly set the value for the userid (the last eight bytes of the 28-byte Adabas communication ID). When this user abend occurs, contact your Software AG support representative and provide a dump including the registers at time of the abend so the reason code stored in R15 can be seen and evaluated.
657 LNKBTO Dynamic SVC lookup table missing
658 LNKBTO LNKUES module not available to ADALNK
659 SVCMVS PC routine invoked by invalid caller.
660 LNKCX CICS instructed ATM to perform a single-phase commit, but the outcome of the attempted commit could not be determined.
661 SVCMVS Name/Token service error.
662 LNKBTO Program cancel from UEXITR
663 LNKCX LNCSTUB DCI initialization failed
664 LNKBTO SVC incompatible with install program
665 SVCMVS Invalid SVC caller
666 RERBS2 Invalid AB deallocation length
667 SVCMVS Unsupported z/OS release or missing CPU features. ArchLvl 2 (64-bit) is required.
668 ATMCXRMI A syncpoint operation was triggered by an Adabas command, but the user's communication ID was not known
669 SVCMVS S64 recovery routine manager error.
670 link routines The CICS EXTRACT command used to obtain the Adabas Task Related User Exit (TRUE) global work area failed. The Adabas 8 or enhanced Adabas 7 CICS environment is not correctly established.

To determine the cause, consult the messages associated with starting the Adabas TRUE issued from ADAENAB (if you are running Adabas 7) or from ADACIC0 (if you are running Adabas 8).

671 RERBS2 Attempted router call to shared 64-bit storage Recovery Routine Manager (RRM) on BS2000. Not available on this platform.
672 SVCMVS IDT extension not provided. Possible incorrect version of ADASIR (z/OS) or ADAIPR (z/VSE).
673 SVCMVS Invalid PCRCLU caller.
674 link routines A version 8 call using the ACBX has been made, but the link routine did not detect a valid reentrancy token in direct call (field APLXRTOK) of the Adabas 8 parameter list.
675 LNKCX ADL consistency exit not linked
676 link routines The work area passed to an Adabas 8 link routine in the direct call (field APLXRTOK of the APLX) was invalid, or the attempt to obtain storage for the work area failed.
677 LNKCX CICS GETMAIN for a UB failed
678 link routines The Adabas 8 link routine could not find the address of a link global table, either because it was not linked with the Adabas 8 link routine, or because an attempt to load the link globals table failed.

In BS2000 environments, the memory pool accessed does not contain an Adabas ID table.

679 LNKBS2 Unable to set up the DBID/IDT Table (Get Memory error)
LNKBTO ADATMZ invalid header provided
680 LNKBS2 Could not get router ID table memory pool. Check the ID table name in the parameter file/module.
LNKBTO ADATMZ unable to obtain work area
681 LNKCX There was insufficient SAF authorization to issue a CICS EXTRACT EXIT command. Ensure that all users of the Adabas link module have UPDATE access to the EXITPROGRAM CICS command resource identifier.
682 LNKCX TRUE name cannot be located
683 LNKBTO Multiple ECB wait not supported
687 IOSMVS Error queuing parallel request
688 ADAIOR Fatal error during a switch from SRB to TCB mode when Adabas is zIIP-enabled
689 ADAIOR Fatal error during a switch from TCB to SRB mode when Adabas is zIIP-enabled
690 ADAIOR A call has been issued in SRB mode, but Adabas is not zIIP-enabled
691 IOSMVS Error leaving or joining enclave
800 NETSIP/OS Invalid operating system detected - not MVS
801 NETSIP/OS Parameter error detected
802 NETSIP/OS Addressing or residency mode, authorization error or operating system is not a virtual machine guest
803 NETSIP/OS Error detected during program loading or validation
804 NETSIP/OS Space allocation failure
806 NETSIP/OS NETSIR initialization failed