This section covers the following topics:


This following syntax conventions are used in this documentation when describing ADARUN parameters and operator commands:

  • The vertical bar ( | ) separates parameter options or values, one of which must be chosen.

  • Curly brackets or braces ( { } ) delimit the series of options or values.

  • (Square) brackets ( [ ] ) indicate a term that may optionally be specified.

  • The underline ( _ ) identifies the default value.

  • Three dots preceded by a comma or a slash (, ... or / ... ) indicates that the previous term can be repeated but must be preceded by the comma or slash as indicated.

  • A range of values is indicated by two instances of a variable (for example, "fnr", "rabn", "csn") separated by a hyphen (for example, "fnr - fnr"). The first instance represents the low value and the second the high value of the range. The range specification comprises the two numbers separated by the hyphen with no intervening spaces.

  • Parentheses ( ( ) ) are part of the term and must be included as part of the parameter statement.

Data Set Names

Data set names starting with DD are referred to in Adabas documentation with a slash separating the DD from the remainder of the data set name to accommodate z/VSE data set names that do not contain the DD prefix. The slash is not part of the data set name.