Replicating Data to Terracotta

You can use the Event Replicator Target Adapter to replicate data to Terracotta.

The following diagram depicts the interaction between the Event Replicator Target Adapter and Terracotta.


This document describes how to set up the Terracotta target in the Event Replicator Target Adapter. It covers the following topics:


Terracotta Version 10.1 or higher must be installed in your enterprise. For complete information, read TCStore API Developer Guide, available in the Terracotta documentation on Software AG's Empower web site. The necessary components to connect to the Terracotta target are provided with the delivery of Event Replicator Target Adapter. Replication to Terracotta requires a license.

Terracotta-specific Notes


Terracotta is very similar to a relational database. This means that Adabas multiple fields (MU) and periodic groups (PE) are represented as their own sub-datasets, similar to the creation of child tables in relational databases.