The License Key

A permanent license is required in order to run this product. Every time the software is initiated, the license key file is read and the validity of the license key is checked. As of version 3.1 of the Event Replicator Target Adapter, the license key is not required for the installation. The license is activated as a post-installation step after the installation of the Event Target Adapter Administration software. For details on how this is done, please read the section on Licenses in the Event Replication Target Adapter Administration documentation available in Empower.

This document contains the following information on license keys for Event Replicator Target Adapter:

License Key File Location and Use

The Event Replicator Target Adapter license key file is generally distributed on distribution media, although, in special cases, it may be shipped via e-mail. The file name is in the following format, where vr is the version and release number of the product: artvr.xml.

Depending on your contract details, you may receive multiple license keys enabling you to replicate data to various target types. Copy the license key file(s) to a file location accessible to your installation of Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration. Refer to the Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration document for details on activating your license(s).

Your specific license(s) will determine what types of targets you are able to replicate data to using Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration. Without a valid license, any configured target that is not licensed will function in "demo mode" for 30 minutes from startup. Then, replication to this target will cease.

The license file is sometimes transmitted via e-mail. If you received the file via e-mail, copy it to a directory accessible to Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration.

The License Key File

The license key file is provided as an XML document. This document can be viewed, using a browsing tool or text editor. It contains text representing the licensing information and a digital signature. It displays Software AG legal notices, copyright information, as well as the product license information.

Any modification of the license key file will invalidate the digital signature and the license key check will fail. If the check fails, you will not be able to install or run the product. In the event of a check failure, please contact your Software AG Support representative.