The Adabas Manager Graphical User Interface

This document provides basic information about working with the Adabas Manager user interface. The following topics are covered:

Screen Layout

The following shows a typical screen from Adabas Manager (in this case from Overview of Database).


The data area is used to display data and dialogs.

The navigation area contains links to various Adabas Manager functions. It can be closed/opened by clicking on the left/right arrow above it.

Standard Links

The following section describes the various standard links in Adabas Manager. These links are available on the top right of the Adabas Manager home page.


If you click on the Configuration link, you can add, delete and edit host connections..


Clicking on the Help link displays links to the following information:


Clicking on the About links displays the legal notices for Adabas Manager.

Contact Us

Use the Contact Us link to display information about how to contact Software AG if you have any questions or problems concerning Adabas Manager.


Clicking on the Documentation link displays the relevant section of the documentation for Adabas Manager. The documentation is displayed in a separate tab. The documentation can be displayed at any time while an Adabas Manager session is active.

System Information

Clicking on the System Information link displays information about the version number of Adabas Manager.

User Profile

Click on the User Profile link to log out from the Adabas Manager.

Navigating in Adabas Manager

The following section describes how to navigate in the Adabas Manager.


Links appear throughout Adabas Manager, especially in the navigation area, but also in the screen data itself.

The links for Database, File, Container, and Utilities are above the data area, and are always available if a database has been selected. The following example also shows the arrow for opening/closing the navigation area.


In the following example from the navigation area, the words Parameters, Checkpoints, and Utility Communication Block are all navigable links. Enabled links are shown in bold type. You can click on these links to see more information about database parameters, and the utility communication block (the checkpoints link is disabled).


In the following example, the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 9, and the words CHECKPOINT-FILE, SECURITY-FILE, USER-DATA-FILE, and EMPLOYEES-NAT are all navigable links that appear in the screen data area. You can click on each of these links to see more information about specific files in the database. The example also shows the edit icon, the eraser icon, and the waste bin icon.



Adabas Manager makes extensive use of tooltips. These tooltips provide explanatory information about the object in question.

Background Action Running

Some of the functions of the Adabas Manager may take a couple of seconds to complete; when such functions (e.g starting/stopping a database) are running in the background, a spinning wheel icon (graphics/amn_busy.png) is displayed in the top left of the screen next to the ADABAS & NATURAL logo.

The icon does not indicate how much of the function has been completed.

Creating Reports

Many of the display functions in Adabas Manager support the creation of simple reports. These reports can be viewed online and subsequently printed in PDF for archiving purposes. These online reports differ from the information shown on the screen in the following ways:

  • They do not contain any links;

  • Graphics are replaced by text;

  • Header and footer information is added to the report. This information includes (where appropriate) the database and file names and number, and the host names, as well as the time and date that the report was created;

A PDF reader such as the Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer if you wish to view and print these files.