Option 1 - PARM

Option 1 - PARM of the "BSA Service Selection Menu" enables you to display current LST parameters, modify keywords and values, display and adjust modifiable keywords and values and check keyword activation and SYSVAR substitution.

Display/Change Started Task Parameters

PEB4BR00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Option ===> __________________________________________________________________

 Display/Change Started Task Parameters Subsys-ID - B92P
 Sysname - BETA

 1 PARM - Display Keywords/Values
 2 MODIFY - Display Modifiable Keywords/Values
 3 SYSVAR - Check SYSVAR Substitution

 Selection only valid for option 1 (PARM):
 Please enter a keyword ( fully qualified or generic ) below.
 Use blank or asterisk for all keywords.

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1    PARM

Supplies a list of all the LST parameters specified in the STC at the time of activation. The keywords and values can be modified, inserted and deleted.


Supplies a list of all internally defined LST parameter keywords that can be modified. The keywords and values can be modified, inserted and deleted.


Enables you to check the following:

  • Whether an LST parameter is active in the current system
  • Whether SYSVAR (static system symbol) substitution is active
  • How a static system symbol is substituted when used for a specified value.


For detailed information on keywords and values, refer to the BSA Installation and System Guide and the relevant Beta product documentation. There you will find complete lists of keywords and the permissible values for these keywords. Modifiable keywords are product-dependent.