Using the ISPF application

Panel navigation

All procedures and panel descriptions use the "Primary Selection Menu" as point of reference. For example:

To display started task status definition:

  • From the "Primary Selection Menu", select option 2 OPERATION, then 1 STATUS.

You don't have to enter these options in separate steps and you don't have to return to the "Primary Selection Menu" all the time. Do the following to access the List Selection panel in one step:

Enter ...

in the command line to call this panel from ...


the "Primary Selection Menu"


any panel

Note: The ISPF jump function is not available under VDF.

Navigating within a panel

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse to move the cursor through the panel.
  • Use TAB or NEWLINE to jump directly to the entry fields of a panel:
    • Press TAB to move the cursor to the next entry field to the right or below.
    • Press SHIFT+TAB to move the cursor to the previous entry field.
    • Press NEWLINE to move the cursor down to the next entry field. NEWLINE always moves the cursor to the first entry field in a line.

Saving changes

  • To modify existing data or enter new data, type the data in the entry field or fields and press ENTER to save your changes.
  • To quit a panel or an application without saving changes, use the following commands or keys:

Use command ...

or function key ...

to ...



quit a panel



quit an application

Scrolling within tables

When tables contain more information than can be displayed in one screen, use the following commands or keys to scroll:

Use command ...

or function key ...

to scroll ...













Displaying line commands

Available line commands are displayed below the panel title in ISPF tables. Depending on the type of table, you can turn the display off by using the primary commands PROF HL OFF and PROF HL ON to turn the display off or on during the current session


You can enter line commands in front of several items in a table before pressing ENTER. The commands will be executed one after the other in the order requested.

Online help

  • Press PF1 (HELP) to display online help.
  • There are help panels for every panel.
  • To browse help panels in sequence, press ENTER to display the next help panel in the sequence or B to display the previous help panel.


  • Each short message of the BSA Service Manager ISPF application has a corresponding long message which provides additional information.
  • Short messages are displayed in the upper right margin of the panel. Press PF1 (HELP) to display the corresponding long message.