How to call the BSA Service Manager


The "Service Manager Selection Menu" gives access to the ISPF application of the BSA Service Manager. It is the first panel to be displayed when you call up the BSA Service Manager.


To call the BSA Service Manager, do one of the following:

  • In the Beta product "Primary Selection Menu", enter D for "DATABASE – Display Service and Database Selection Menu" and then S for "SERVICE – Service Manager", or enter D.S directly.
  • Call the TSO CLIST directly. The BSA Service Manager is then started as a standalone ISPF application. The CLIST has the name BSASRV and is created in the Beta product CNTL during installation
  • In the VDF maintenance function. enter D.S.

Service Manager Selection Menu

The BSA "Service Manager Selection Menu" is displayed:

PEB4PRM1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Option ===> __________________________________________________________________

 Service Manager Selection Menu Subsys-ID - B92P
 Sysname - BETA

 1 PARM - Display/Change Started Task Parameters

 2 OPERATION - Monitor/Control Started Task
 3 APPLICATION - Monitor/Control Started Task Applications
 4 CONNECTIVITY - Monitor/Control Started Task Connectivities

 5 SUBSYSTEMS - Work with Subsystems

 R REPORTS - Display Diagnostic Reports Selection Menu (TSO only)
 S SMF - Display Selection Menu of beta smf (TSO only)

 D DATABASE - Display Database Selection Menu

 Select one of the above options. Press END to return to the previous menu.

When you call up the CLIST directly, i.e. the BSA Service Manager as a standalone product, the first panel to be displayed is the "Primary Selection Menu" of the BSA Service Manager, instead of the "Service Manager Selection Menu".


Use option ...

to do the following ...

1    PARM

Display and change started task parameters


Monitor and control started tasks


Monitor and control started task applications


Monitor and control started task connectivities


Display the subsystem table and then:

  • Monitor and control connectivities
  • Display information on subsystems
  • Select different subsystems to work with


Generate reports, for example, Beta SMP/E package information or diagnostic reports for the use of Beta Systems support

S    SMF

Display the selection menu of _beta smf


Display the "Database Selection Menu"