Introducing the BSA Service Manager

BSA Service Manager

The BSA Service Manager is an application for controlling, monitoring and dynamically changing specific central functions of a product started task while the started task (STC) is running.

The BSA Service Manager enables dynamic control of the products in the running system. It displays the current activities and connections, and facilitates the maintenance and support of functions. The functionality is integrated into an online application that can run within a product ISPF online application, or can be used as a separate ISPF application.

The BSA Service Manager/ISPF application provides a set of online panels, tutorials, messages and accompanying programs that comply with ISPF conventions.


  • Specific status information on products, on the various add-ons and on special BSA components can be requested and displayed.
  • Detailed information on central functions and features can be requested and displayed.
  • The BSA Service Manager is automatically available in all Beta product started tasks, and is also available as a central BSA standalone started task.
  • Dynamic changes in program control can be carried out while the product and started task (STC) are running.
  • LST members and LST keywords can be altered to change program control
  • Dynamic features such as TCP/IP connections can be activated.
  • Information necessary for Beta Support can easily be obtained.
  • License keys can be dynamically modified.
  • The BSA Service Manager can be used to control and monitor started tasks with subsystem IDs other than the started task with the subsystem ID in use (does not apply to batch jobs and started tasks which are running as RFF jobs)
  • Diagnostic reports can be generated to provide environment information for the use of Beta Systems support.