Installation Prerequisites

Operating Systems

Data Archiving for Adabas is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Solaris

  • HP-UX

  • AIX

  • z/OS


Data Archiving for Adabas can be used with any supported level of Adabas Version 6.1.9 or above in open systems and any supported version of Adabas in mainframe z/OS. Adabas must be UES enabled.

Adabas Client Library (OS)

For sites using Adabas Version 6.2, the client library ACL (or above) is required.

Adabas System Coordinator Version

Adabas System Coordinator Version 8.2 or above is required when using Data Archiving for Adabas.

The installation kit for Data Archiving for Adabas includes and will also install Adabas System Coordinator 8.2.

System Management Hub

System Management Hub Version 9.0 or above is required and is used as the user interface for all interaction with Data Archiving for Adabas.

A web browser supported by SMH must be available.

Please apply CUP 9.8 Fix1 using the Software AG Update Manager if you are installing the Administration component from the 2016 October release, which includes the installation of the System Management Hub. For information on using the Software AG Update Manager, please refer to the document Using the Software AG Update Manager in Software AG’s Online Documentation Center on Software AG's Empower web site.


To use the supplied Natural API, Natural Version 6.3.14 or above in open systems and Natural Version 8.2.2 or above in mainframe z/OS is required.


To use file mappings derived from Predict files Predict must be installed.