General Considerations

License File

The most recent form of license file is required with Data Archiving for Adabas.

Backup Availability

Archiving involves data deletion, therefore prior to using the product (as with any data modification utility), always ensure the data to be archived has been backed up accordingly.

Space Considerations when Recalling Archived Files

If you are recalling files containing LOB data, ensure that your database has sufficient free space. For example, on Open Systems a database created using the default container sizes is only large enough for two copies of the Adabas demo files. Therefore, when running multiple recalls, transfers, etc., the database can quickly run out of space.

User Interface

The user interface is specific to each version of the product. The new user interface will not allow administration of a previous version. If you wish to administrate an old version, you must continue to use the user interface that was supplied with that version.

API for Natural

User programs utilizing the API for Natural will require re-stowing.