Installation Procedure Overview

This section provides an overview of the procedure for installing Data Archiving for Adabas:


There are three components to a Data Archiving for Adabas installation:

  • Archiving Services

  • Administration

  • The Repository

The Archiving Services component requires the System Services component of Adabas System Coordinator and the Adabas Client Libraries to be installed. The Administration component requires the Administration component of Adabas System Coordinator and the System Management Hub to be installed.

The Software AG Installer will automatically select the Adabas System Coordinator components and the System Management Hub as required, depending on which Data Archiving for Adabas components are being installed.

The computer that will host the Repository must have the System Services components of Adabas System Coordinator installed and access to an Adabas database. The database may be local or accessible via Entire Net-Work.

Archiving Services

The Archiving Services component is comprised of two parts, the Archive Service and the Extractor/Accumulator.

The Archive Service is a plug-in to Adabas System Coordinator and runs as a task within the Adabas System Coordinator Daemon. The Extractor/Accumulator is a separate process, instances of which are launched by the Archive Service to carry out each archive, transfer or recall operation.


The Administration component is a plug-in to System Management Hub. All configuration, operation and monitoring is performed through the System Management Hub. There is no need to install the Administration component on every computer running Archiving Services, one computer running the Administration component can be used to remotely manage any instance of Archiving Services.

The Repository

The Repository is an Adabas file used for storing configuration data. It will normally be shared by every computer running Archiving Services. It is not necessary to have Entire Net-Work installed in order to share the same Repository; the Adabas System Coordinator infrastructure enables remote access to a Repository hosted by another computer.