Using Data Archiving for Adabas without a License Key

Available for Windows only, Data Archiving for Adabas can be installed for demonstration purposes without the need for a valid license key. During the Activation step of the installation process, when prompted for the license file location, simply select the "Community Edition" button.

The following limitations apply when running Data Archiving for Adabas in this mode:

Single Computer

Running in this mode only supports a single Windows computer. It cannot be used across an enterprise, for example extracting data on one computer and writing data to a Vault on another computer.

Local Repository

Running in this mode only supports the Repository being on the same Windows computer as the installed software components. It cannot use a Repository shared by a remote computer.

Limited Capacity

Running in this mode only supports the processing of 2000 records in a single operation. This is sufficient for small files such as the sample files shipped with the product.