Guidelines for Use with Adabas

This document provides operational guidelines when using Data Archiving for Adabas to archive and/or transfer data involving Adabas databases.

Adabas Database and File Maintenance

Occasionally, there may be operational considerations which require unplanned maintenance to be performed against a database or file which is involved in a current archive or transfer Activity. However, Adabas resources used by these current Activities may prevent such maintenance from being carried out.

In order to support such maintenance requirements, Data Archiving for Adabas provides the ability to ‘pause’ current Activities. Once an Activity is paused, all Adabas resources used by that Activity are released, thereby allowing any necessary maintenance to be performed. Once the maintenance is complete, and the database or file available again, the paused Activities can be resumed.

The ability to stop current Activities is also provided (again, with the resulting release of Adabas resources), however it is important to note that if an Activity is subjected to a stop, then it cannot be resumed.

After a pause or stop request, there may be a small delay while the Data Archiving Service schedules the request and quiesces the corresponding Activity across all the involved databases.

This ability to pause and resume, or stop, current Activities is available through the Web Interface and through the API functions PAUSE, RESUME and STOP (to enable such operations to be performed in batch processes). The API functions have the added capability to perform these functions at the database level.

Refer to the Web Interface section Current Activities and the Batch Interface sections in API for Natural and API for the C Programming Language for more information.