About the System Management Hub

The System Management Hub (SMH) is a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) you can use to perform administrative tasks for some Software AG products, including Adabas Directory Server, Adabas Administration Services, and Entire Net-Work. It runs in a standard Web browser.

Before you start using the System Management Hub, you must set up an administrative user for the product. To do so, consult the Add Administrator section of the System Management Hub documentation, available on Empower.

This document provides a high-level overview of the System Management Hub. It covers the following topics:

Accessing the System Management Hub

Start of instruction setTo access the System Management Hub:

  1. Type the following URL into your Web browser:


    where smh-mil-node is the name of the machine where the System Management Hub (SMH) is running (normally this is "localhost") and smh-mil-http-port is the port number (the default is 49981) for the SMH MIL (Management Independent Layer) server.

    If SMH has been installed on an Apache Web server, replace smh-mil-http-port with the port number of the Apache Web server (the default is 80) rather than the SMH MIL server.

    Select System Management Hub on the Software AG Base Technology Start Programs submenu (Windows only) and then select Web Interface on the resulting submenu.

    The login screen for the System Management Hub (SMH) appears.

  2. Login to the System Management Hub, as described in the section entitled Internal HTTP Server under System Management Hub Web Interface in the System Management Hub documentation.

    The System Management Hub main panel appears on the System Management tab.


Leaving the System Management Hub

Start of instruction setTo leave the System Management Hub:

  • Click the Log Off command at the top of the screen.


    Close the Browser window.

    The System Management Hub window is closed.

Using the Refresh Button in the System Management Hub

Refresh buttons appear in the command frame of the System Management Hub for many panels. Use the Refresh button to update the values of items listed in the detail-view frame.

Getting Help

Start of instruction setTo get help on an detail-view frame:

  • If it is available, click the Help button in the detail-view frame of the System Management Hub screen.

    The documentation pertaining to that System Management Hub view appears.

For complete information about the System Management Hub, read its documentation, available on Empower.