The DBA is concerned with four types of administrative activity for the Adabas Delta Save Facility:

  • Setting the ADARUN DSF parameter for Delta Save operation mode

    The ADARUN DSF parameter must be set to DSF=YES to enable Delta Save operation. See ADARUN Parameter DSF for more information.

    In addition, the ADARUN DSFEX1 parameter can be set if a user exit will be used to automate deta save job submission. See ADARUN Parameter DSFEX1.

  • Starting, controlling, and ending Delta Save operation with Adabas basic online services

    The Delta Save online functions allow you to

    • display Delta Save status;

    • install, change, or remove the Delta Save logging (DLOG) area;

    • disable Delta Save logging activity.

    For more information about selecting online menus and functions, see the Adabas DBA Tasks documentation.

  • Allocating the Delta Save logging (DLOG) area

    Delta Save uses the DLOG area within the Associator to keep track of the RABNs of all blocks changed during normal nucleus operation. This information is used in Delta Save operations. See Calculating the DLOG Area Size for information about allocating the DLOG area.

  • Allocating the Delta Save Images (DSIM) data set

    The DSIM data set holds the images of all blocks changed during an online save. Following the save, these blocks are used to construct a full or delta save tape for restoring the database later. See Calculating the DSIM Data Set Size for information about allocating the DSIM data set.