Enabling Direct TCP/IP Access (ADATCP) to Your Adabas Nucleus

Start of instruction setComplete the following steps to enable direct TCP/IP access (ADATCP) to your Adabas nucleus:

The database must be UES-enabled for direct TCP/IP access. For more information, read Enabling Universal Encoding Support (UES) for Your Adabas Nucleus

  1. TCP/IP access requires Entire Net-Work modules. These communicate using the standard ADALNK module. The translation tables can be customized and reassembled, then made available in the BLSLIBnx chain. The Adabas ADALNK module is supplied with the LNKUES module and the default translation tables ASC2EBC and EBC2ASC.

    The Entire Net-Work WCPvrs and WTCvrs libraries must be defined in the BLSLIBnx chain. For information about the JCL required for this kind of session, read JCL Required for UES and TCP/IP Support (BS2000).

  2. Activate UES support in the Adabas nucleus. This is accomplished by ensuring that the following parameters have been set:

    • The ADARUN TCPIP parameter has been set to "YES".

    • The ADARUN TCPURL parameter specifies an appropriate URL for the appropriate TCP/IP application programming interface (API).

    For more information about these parameters, read TCPIP Parameter: TCP/IP Access Control and TCPURL Parameter: TCP/IP Universal Resource Locator.

    A sample startup job for a UES-enabled nucleus is provided in member ADANUCT of the ADAvrs.SRC library. For more information, read JCL Required for UES Support (BS2000).

  3. Verify that the nucleus is started with the ADARUN SUBMPSZ paraeter set to 2M (2 megabytes) or larger. For more information, read SUBMPSZ Parameter: GETMAIN Memory Pool for Subtasks

  4. Access to the Adabas nucleus requires the link parameter:


    where DDLNKPAR_file is a permanent (not a temporary) file containing the setting of the ADARUN IDTNAME parameter (ADARUN IDTNAME=idtname, where idtname is the ID table name where the Adabas nucleus is to run). For more information, read IDTNAME Parameter: Define ID Table Name

When the database is started, an ADATCP subtask job is spawned. Ensure that your user ID has permission to do this.

The protocol output for the ADATCP subtask can be seen on the console or in the SYSOUT/SYSLST files:

      (for SYSOUT)
      (for SYSLST)

where <db_task_number> is the task number of the direct TCP/IP access database and <timestamp> is a character representation of the time when the subtask was started.