Version 8.2.4
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REFRESH: Set File to Empty Status

The REFRESH function sets the file to 0 records loaded, sets the first extent for the address converter, Data Storage, normal index, and upper index to empty status, and deallocates other extents.

When the REFRESH function completes successfully, any locks previously set with the operator commands LOCKU or LOCKF are reset.


This document covers the following topics:

Essential Parameter

FILE: File Number

FILE specifies the file that is to be set to empty status.

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Optional Parameters

NOUSERABEND: Termination without Abend

When a parameter error or a functional error occurs while this utility function is running, the utility ordinarily prints an error message and terminates with user abend 34 (with a dump) or user abend 35 (without a dump). If NOUSERABEND is specified, the utility will not abend after printing the error message. Instead, the message "utility TERMINATED DUE TO ERROR CONDITION" is displayed and the utility terminates with condition code 20.

When NOUSERABEND is specified, we recommend that it be specified as the first parameter of the utility function (before all other parameters). This is necessary to ensure that its parameter error processing occurs properly.

PASSWORD: File Password

This parameter is required if the file is password-protected.

TEST: Test Syntax

This parameter tests the operation syntax without actually performing the operation. Only the syntax of the specified parameters can be tested; not the validity of values and variables. See Syntax Checking with the TEST Parameter for more information on using the TEST parameter in ADADBS functions.

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File 116 is to be set to empty status.


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