Using Adabas Caching Online Services

Starting Adabas Caching Online Services

The interactive component that supports Adabas Caching is accessed through the Adabas Online System main menu.

The following screen is displayed when Adabas Caching is not present:

13:24:45         *****  A D A B A S  CACHING  FACILITY  *****     2004-05-11
                          - Global Cache Main Menu -              PCH0002   
                                                                  No Cache  
                      Code    Function                                      
                      ----    -------------------------------               
                        D      Define RABNs to be Cached                    
                        M      Global Cache Maintenance                     
                        O      Maintain Cache Spaces                        
                        P      Maintain Cache Parameters                    
                        S      Cache Session Summary                        
                        ?      Help                                         
                        .      Exit                                         
                      ----    -------------------------------               
      Code ............ _                                                   
      Cache Space No .. _____                                               
      DataBase ........ 54     (ADANAT-DB)                                  
MENU001: 05- Nucleus running without adacsh                                 
Command ==>                                                                 
PF1----- PF2------ PF3------ PF4------ PF6----- PF7----- PF8----- PF12----- 
Help               Exit                                           Menu

Note the MENU001 message in the lower left quadrant and "No Cache" in the upper right hand quadrant of the screen. "No Cache" will be replaced by "Global Cache" or "File Level" once Adabas Caching has been activated.

To start Adabas Caching Online Services, select Caching Facility from either the demo or full version Adabas Online System main menu.

One of two menus will appear, depending on whether the ADARUN parameter CFILE has been specified:

The memory type depends on the operating system under which Adabas is running. For more information on cache memory types, see section Caching Configuration.

Using PF Keys

PF1 (Help) provides information about the current function, PF3 is Exit and PF12 returns to the main menu.

Other PF keys are used depending on the options activated.