Adabas SAF Security Online Services

This section describes the use of the AAF Online Services.

AAF Online Services is provided to help set up and monitor the operation of ADASAF. The administrator can view information about the current parameter settings and resource utilization of ADASAF in a given Adabas nucleus or daemon. Most of the information can also be accessed using ADASAF operator commands.

The information provided is useful for tuning ADASAF. It includes statistics at both the nucleus and user level. A list of maintenance ZAPs that have been applied, as well as diagnostic information, also can be displayed.

Using AAF Online Services Online Services general use and navigation.
System Settings Maintain system settings.
System Statistics Provides statistics at the database or daemon level.
SAF User ID Statistics Provides active SAF user statistics for a database or daemon.
Fix Display Display fix information.
Internal Storage Display Display internal storage areas.
Server Restart Restart Adabas SAF server.
System Parameters Display Adabas SAF system parameters.
About SAF Security Display overview information about Adabas SAF Security.