Release Notes

These Release Notes apply to Adabas SAF Security Version 8.2.2 Read this document carefully before installing and using this version of Adabas SAF Security.

Adabas SAF Security (ADASAF) provides protection of Adabas resources using standard security packages in a z/OS operating system environment based on the System Authorization Facility (SAF). These security packages include RACF, Top Secret, and ACF2.

Prerequisites: See SAF Security Install documentation, section Prerequisites.
New Features
Removed Support
Online Documentation

New Features

This section provides an overview of new features for Adabas SAF Security Version 8.2.2

Variable Configuration Module Name

Adabas SAF Security operates according to options in an assembled configuration module. By default this module is called SAFCFG. If you wish to use a different SAFCFG module for a specific database you create a configuration module called Annnnn where nnnnn represents the database id (see Installation Procedure Step 6: Assemble and Link the SAF Modules for more detail).

Alternate Console

Adabas SAF Security may issue messages in the Adabas databases where it is active. Until now the console has been the only place where they can be seen. Now you can direct them to an alternate destination when using a System Coordinator daemon. Messages by default will still appear on the console or you can now choose to send the messages into a DDMSG file in the Adabas database.

The new System Coordinator online services daemon group setting Runtime messages – databases allows messages to be routed to:

  • The console.

    This is compatible with previous releases.

  • A local DDMSG file in the database.

    The JCL for the database job must be altered to accommodate this option.

  • Both the console and a local DDMSG file.

Security protection for online administration of client-based products

Adabas SAF Security provides a new security service that runs in the System Coordinator daemon. It provides protection of online administration for Adabas SAF Security, Fastpath, Vista, Transaction Manager and System Coordinator. This protection is by function within each of the sibling product menu structures.

Use of System Coordinator configuration file

The online administration (SYSAAF) now requires use of the System Coordinator configuration file (assigned to LFILE 152), refer to the Adabas System Coordinator installation documentation for more information.

Unified Trace

The Adabas SAF Security database and daemon components make use of the Adabas System Coordinator unified trace.

Support for a site defined Translation Table

In order to improve support for the ASCII to EBCDIC translation of characters (special or otherwise) used in security credentials from remote workstations there is a new sample job (SAFI022) and sample source (SAFTRT) supplied on the Adabas Limited (WAL) jobs and source libraries respectively. This enables you to create an optional site defined translation table, SAFTRT.

If SAFTRT is not present at run-time, Adabas SAF security will continue to use its default internal ASCII to EBCDIC translation table.

Refer to Step 6 of the installation procedures for additional details.


  1. The supplied SAFTRT source is a sample translate table only, amend this translation table according to your requirements.
  2. Support for a site defined Translation Table is only available with WAL8.3.4 or above.


Adabas SAF Security Version 8.2.2 incorporates all fixes to previous versions and provides the following enhancements.

Online Fix Description

The fix display in SYSAAF has been enhanced to include a short description of each fix that is applied which helps you to get a better understanding of each fix that is in use.

Remove Requirement to Re-Install the Adabas SVC When Installing with Adabas 8.2.2 and Above

If you use the Adabas SVC supplied with Adabas Version 8.2.2 or above, you do not need to re-link and re-install the Adabas SVC when installing Adabas SAF Security.

Enhanced online services

The SYSAAF Natural application has been enhanced:

  • PF6 (Top) and PF9 (Bot) have been removed. Their functionality is replaced by entering m on the command line and pressing PF7 or PF8 respectively.

Removed Support

The following items are no longer supported.

Support for CICS Versions 2 and 3

Adabas SAF Security no longer provides a router security exit for CICS Versions 2 and 3 (macro level).

Online Documentation

The Adabas SAF Security Version 8.2 documentation is provided in HTML format. The documentation has been structured for optimal online access including extensive use of hyperlinks to related topics. In addition, full text search and indexing features are available. All documents are also available as PDF files for selective printing at a user site.

The Online Documentation Main Menu provides an overview of the AAF documentation.

The following related documentation is available on the Adabas documentation CD:

  • SAF Security Kernel